Full Moon

A very nice full moon came up in the night skies of Athens

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Answer: ngia's free bottom style !!

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Gentoo Linux Farm

I have to say that Sun and Solaris is a top quality combo and I hope this quality will be arround for many more years to come because we need it so much !!!

Next to these great machines though it's good practice to have couple of linux farms for development and live backup setups.

Slackware is one of the very best linux distros and thereof it was the first linux farm that was builded on TP/TEE based on Slackware 7 up to 9 right next to the big SUN Sparc/Solaris boxes.

Since TP/TEE NOC faces some limitations on the development side, it's quite hard maintaining 20-30 Slackware boxes at some different locations of Athens and Thessaloniki while trying to keep up with development and integration of new services for the NOC. That's where Gentoo linux found its place as my favored distro. Live sync. and a quite easy and clever way of script updates and source code compile of packages was just what it was needed in order to keep the evolution going at a fast paste not being able to get more hands for the NOC

So from a Slackware linux farm

a Gentoo linux farm was born

along with some cool Amd64 Sun Gentoo linux boxes

A neat combination based on Sun Sparc/Solaris, Sun Opteron/Gentoo Amd64 and P4/Amd XP x86 Gentoo linux boxes. You can check the image gallery of the above build process.

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