Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Marry Christmas full of love and compassion.  May the new year bring love, piece, happiness and justice to all living creatures of this planet !!

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EEXI WiFi Christmas tree

EEXI gets a nice full of 802.11a dishes WiFi tree for this year !! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year !!

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AWMN: The Open - Public Network

Unleash the power of technology: AWMN is the largest open and public WiFi network ever builded in Europe. It's based on free WiFi public band and contribution by every person that wants to participate on it. It has close roots to the Free Software movement and many can agree that the concept is a natural evolution and continuation of it. Have a look and enjoy some video presentations of the Open and public AWMN project.

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OZOnet new BackBone links

Two new BackBone links have been brought to life which are looking towards N. kosmos and Kallithea area while a new  additional omni is operating on the node extending the open network of AWMN even further.

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